Collection Philosophy is based on effective communication.  Our collectors are the most productive in the commercial collection industry having a mix of qualities instilled in them such as understanding, perseverance and commitment.


CLR - RLC : Full Service Third Party Collection Department


Each client is assigned a dedicated collection office: responsible for the clients entire portfolio which create meincreased effcincoes in communoication and  colletcion effectivness

Fully Bi lingual collection officers proficient in ; Creditors Protection Act, Bank Act  and Small Claims and District court actions across Canada

* It is to be noted that in the province of Quebec, a collection officer cannot accomplish any act that is of the exclusive prerogative of advocate, such as, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to prepare and draw legal procedures, to prepare, draw or negotiate a settlement agreement or to plead or act before any tribunal, including before the Small claims Court *

In house predictive dialer and virtuall calling capabilirties; cutomizable to meet client objectives and  increase collection effectivness

Electronic - automated third paty collection demands designed to supplamentthe third paty collection process



All third party collection files are resolevdd under a continget coimmission schedule; commissions are only charged when the CLR - RLC client recovers monies on the outstanding account.



CLR - Third Party Collection Process Timeline


Full Service Agency

Third Party Collection

Outsourcing Programs

International Coverage

Dedicated Collectors assigned to Client’s Portfolio

Fully Bi-Lingual Collection Officers

In House Predictive Dialer and Virtual Calling Capabilities

Electronic monthly e-mail reports on status of collection accounts      

Regular Training Sessions

The Small Claims Court Process

Personal Property Security Act

The Bank Act

Creditors Relief Act

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act  

Provincial Privacy Legislation across Canada

Construction Lien Legislation across Canada                

ACE Collection Software 

tool for the individual collection officer l as well as a real time interactive client interface.

Detailed client reporting ; collector performance reports

Debtor placement listings and statistics

Collection Letter effectiveness charts

Simplified Trust Accounting

Client Master and Branch Split Accounting

Functions that allow for specific expense allocation

Management Auditing Process

All collection officers are individually audited on a monthly basis

Regular collector audits maintain continuity and a consistent level of service

Collection effectiveness / liquidation results are monitored

Action plans are introduced to continually improve results

All collection officers are fully licensed by the Provincial Ministry 





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