The Canada Legal Referral Risk Score is an evaluation of the subject company’s potential for credit delinquency using objective and verified information sources including government registries, financial institutions, third party collection experiences court records and the superintendent of bankruptcies across Canada. CLR investigative credit reporting services are customized and designed to augment the existing credit granting policies and procedures of the CLR client.

The CLR Model - 4 C’s of Credit

Investigative credit reports based on the objective and definitive attributes of a subject company. The subject companies capacity - character - capital and collateral assist in the evaluation of potential credit risk organized and efficient.  This fundamental approach provides a framework that allows objective information to be gathered, segregated and analyzed in a organized process.  CLR investigative credit reporting services allow the client and their credit teams the ability to receive real time and verified factual reports.



Real Time Factors Affecting the CLR Risk Score


Subject Companies Corporate Status Number Of Years In Business
Line(s) of Credit Established Line(s) Of Credit Utilization
Term Loan(s) Balances N.S.F Activity
Average Deposit  Balance(s) Financial Institution Reference
Past Present Legal Activity  Past & Present 3rd Party Collection Activity


  N E W  | Construction Comprehensive Report with Trade Payment Information




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