The primary objective of all Canada Legal Referral first party outsourcing services is to  provide the  client with a seamless extension to their current internal collection process and policies. All first party collection services are designed to assist the  client in the efficient resolution of their accounts receivable portfolio(s); with the goal to reduce department expense,increase customer satisfaction levels while enhancing the customer experience.


Canada Legal Referral will maintain a high level of service, professionalism and responsiveness, consistent with the CLR clients corporate image and presence within the market place.


CLR First Party Outsourcing Services - Management Objectives

  • Enhance the existing level of customer service
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • Reduce bad debt write-offs
  • Increase revenues
  • increase profitable sales
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Creation of a fixed cost for internal collection activities
  • Improve ability to focus on core proficiencies


CLR First Party Outsourcing Services - Collection Infrastructure

Canada Legal Referral will provide experienced and professional collection officers to represent the CLR client in  the timely resolution of all  outstanding accounts receivable portfolios either as a temporary or long term solution.   CLR first party outsourcing services are available on a regional, national or International scale and  provide complete coverage, functioning from 9:00 a.m.. – 7:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


CLR First Party Outsourcing Services - Collection Process

Canada Legal Referral will assign and manage qualified collection officers to implement the collection process and provide the necessary follow up activity to achieve the mutually agreed upon objectives; including:

  • Initial contact call to customer reminder of outstanding balance(s)
  • Confirmation of outstanding balance and confirm customer has necessary invoice(s)
  • Identification of any disputes / potential reasons for non-payment
  • Documentation of any legitimate disputes and forwarded to a designated contact
  • Confirmation of amount and date of expected remittance / confirmation of follow up  time and date
  • Follow up calls of customers that have not remitted payment on the agreed date(s)
  • Reminder letters sent to customers still outstanding
  • Confirmation of customer payment(s)


CLR First Party Outsourcing Services - Client Communication

Canada Legal Referral will provide a customized program designed to match the internal credit and collection policies currently established by the clients credit department

Customized services that will be offered include:

  • Tracking of all collection activities and communication
  • Tracking of all payments and or schedule of payments
  • Review and recording of the status of outstanding payments
  • Forwarding of timely activity reports for analysis with the management objectives
  • Forwarding of payment(s) reminders to all of the clients'  customers

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