Project Investigation Report   The Canada Legal Referral Project Investigation Report provides our client with a complete overview of a construction project across Canada. The project investigation report will  verify the legal description of the jobsite; property ownership details including a corporate search,  mortgage particulars inclusive of any construction lien registrations, bonding details,  and contact information. The project investigation report includes all ministry reports  and title searches surrounding the project as well as any public record information available from government sources.


Notice of Intent to Lien & Mediation   This service will provide all parties having an interest in a project of the CLR client's  intention to lien the project within a seven day period.  The intent to lien letter which is delivered via courier and fax creates a heightened level of awareness and urgency within the project hierarchy and puts legal onus on all parties to withhold funds owing to the party names in the letter. Following receipt and confirmation of the outstanding monies, mediation process will commence with the objective to get resolution to the outstanding monies and avoid the preservation of the CLR clients lien rights.   Utilizing the  possibility of  construction lien registration as leverage, CLR mediators  can assist in the resolution of the outstanding and/or disputed monies; thus avoiding the lien  preservation process while maintaining the business relationship. 


Construction Lien Registrations  

Canada Legal Referral provides clients with the most cost effective risk assessment and lien registration services across Canada and into the United States.  Following a CLR clients decision to move forward with the preservation of their lien rights this service provides a  comprehensive completion of the necessary steps required to ensure protection to the claimant under the provincial legislation.  The lien preservation process begins with the CLR client providing the pertinent information required to satisfy the registration process including but not limited to ; confirming  property of the project,first date and last date of supply - labor to project, perform property title search,  review all  charges - mortgages and any construction liens related to the project and confirm registered owner address for service of intent to lien documents.  The lien claim will=ill be prepared on behalf o the CLR client reviewed and authorized by the client for registration.  The claim for lien will be registered with the provincial ministry and all confirming documents will be forwarded to the CLR client in conjunction with a reporting letter fo their review and records.


Land Title Search   Canada Legal Referral provides complete land title searches across Canada for clients that are supplying materials and or labor to a construction project.  These provincial  ministry reports are made available to clients of CLR upon request  and include ; the property PIN number ( property identification number) , the title to the property listing the owners, a chronological description of ownership transfers,  all encumbrances such as registered lien activity an as well as the mortgage details inclusive of the financial institutions and lending amounts.


Section 39 Letter ( Ontario )   Canada Legal Referral will on behalf of the client courier  a Section 39 Letter which under the new " Rights to Information"  that when delivered to any persons and or entities having an interest in the project mandates a response within 21 days to the following.  The  current state of the accounts between the parties involved in construction project; this will make transparent the monies outstanding from the owner to the general contractor through to the sub contractors and suppliers to the  construction project.  The amounts outstanding and or of holdbacks will provide a indication as to where the monies are owed and to which contributor to the project; this allows for the CLR client to better understand the particulars  of their upstanding account.


Lien Law Reports   Canada Legal Referral provides a library of Lien Law reports that summarize the lien legislation that govern the construction industry across Canada and into the United States; specifically focusing on the construction lien process.  These Lien Law reports are summaries of the legislation that provide a working timeline and provide frameworks that all credit professionals can utilize in the timely and positive resolution of outstanding accounts in the construction industry.  


Denunciation Letter Service   The Canada Legal Referral Denunciation Letter Service allows clients to maintain their construction lien rights in the province of Quebec as a supplier materials or labor as they must first notify these parties having an interest in the construction project of their involvement.  The CLR denunciation service through the ministry performs a property title search confirming those parties that under the act must be notified; a denunciation letter is them prepared  and forwarded to those parties identified as having an interest in the project via courier or registered mail .  This undertaking  must be completed before any labor and or materials have been delivered to the project if one intends to register a moveable hypotheque to ensure payment. 



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